Planning Your Event

Planning an event, be it a weekend get together or a dream wedding, can be complicated.  There’s a lot to consider, and a lot to get right.  To help you along, we’ve made a list of things to consider when planning your event.

What kind of event are you having?  Is it a birthday, wedding, corporate event, a family get together, etc.?  Will the event be casual, cocktail, or formal?  This will influence the type of equipment and decorations you get.  For example, more formal events may have chair covers, while casual events won’t.


When is the event?  Have you planned around public holidays and local events?


If the event is outside, do you have a Plan B for bad weather?  Will you need to inform council or the police of your event?


If you are hosting a party or cocktail/formal event, a guest list should be created, and an RSVP set.  Invitations should not be made public, but only sent to those you wish to invite.  This means that by the time of the event, you know who is and is not meant to be at the event.

If you are hiring security, caterers, or entertainment, you do need to provide space for any equipment they may have as well as food and drink for them.

Your orders need to be placed within a reasonable timeframe so the company you’re working with can prepare the stock.  Be sure to check T&C and any other conditions of hire, for example: what state must the stock be in upon its return, is there a breakage fee, does any equipment require a bond?  If you have an RVSP date for your guests, be sure to confirm your stock numbers with the company at or shortly after this date.   Also think about whether you want the stock delivered or to pick it up yourself.  Pickup is cheaper, but you will need to arrange a time and ensure you have a vehicle to transport the stock.

For some events, security and/or crowd control may be a prudent consideration.  We have bollards for crowd control.  If you need security, consider:

  • How many people will be at the event?
  • What hours will the security staff work?
  • Do you want to give a copy of the guest list to security so they can turn away uninvited guest?
  • Do you want to give wristbands to attendees?

If you are having live music, consider:

  • Who is providing the lighting, generator, and floor?
  • You will need to provide food and drink for the musicians.

If you aren’t having live music, do you need a speaker?


  • Is there a designated area for drinks, or are there buckets scattered around?
  • Most venues have a person allowed to serve alcohol.  If this isn’t the case, does the person you have have an RSA?



  • Are you hiring caterers, providing food, or asking guests to bring a dish?
  • Do you foresee people staying over?  If so, can you provide breakfast?
  • Do you or your caterer need bain maries, pie warmers, rotisseries, barbeques, etc.?


Cutlery, Crockery, and Glassware

We have both disposable and hireable tableware available.  Disposable tableware comes in many colours, so it can be colour coordinated with other decorations at more casual events.

Please make sure have ordered all tableware that your need.  People often forget spoons.


If you are having balloons, you need to consider the environment the event is taking place in.  The space and layout of the venue can affect the kinds of arrangements you can have.  For example:

  • Is there a limit to how tall balloons can be because of the roof or any obstructions such as trees?  Will arrangements be on the tables, the floor, or both?  A traditional arrangement on the table is typically 3 or 5 balloons, while floor arrangements are more.
  • Is the event indoor or outdoor, at night or day?
  • How hot will it be?  Helium expands with heat and contracts with cold.
  • Consider the layout of the venue, inside or out.  What height are the rooves, are there any trees, etc.?
  • For table decorations, the bulk of the decoration must be under 40cm or over 70cm so as not to be in people’s eyeline.
  • Balloon float times:
    • Latex –  10hrs to 2 days depending on setup
  • If doing balloons DIY, place the order at least a week in advance.  Our tank packages come with balloons and ribbon.  Do you also need weights?  Doing your own balloons should be done the day of.
  • If we are doing the arrangements, tell us when you book the rest of your stock, as it can take time to do.
  • Do you want cake table balloons?
  • Traditional table arrangements are typically three or five balloons, floor arrangements are more.


Safety and disposal

  • Do not inhale helium.  It hinders the body’s ability to take in oxygen, which can lead to asphyxiation among other things.
  • As a member of the Pro Environment Balloon Agency (PEBA) we promote the proper disposal of balloons: “Pin it and bin it”.
  • In accordance with Local Law No. 3 (Community Health and Environmental Management) 2011 it is illegal to release helium balloons on the Sunshine Coast.  In place of releasing balloons, we recommend butterflies or doves.